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Buy the Collection, $260.

The eight volume set is the definitive scholarship on Native and Colonial life on Long Island. Author & Historian John Strong Ph.d. credits these volumes as his inspiration and source for The Montaukett Indians and others.

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History & Archeology of the Montauk $50.

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The Historical Archeology of Long Island $30.

VOLUME 6-06884.jpg

The Shinnecock Indians A Culture History $30.

VOLUME 5-06882.jpg

The Second Coastal ready 1900-Present $30.

VOLUME 8-06878.jpg

Native Forts of the Long Island Area $30.

VOLUME 2-06890.jpg

The Coastal Archeology Reader: 1954-1957 $30.

VOLUME 4-06886.jpg

Languages and Lore of the Long Island Indians


VOLUME 1-06892.jpg

Readings in Long Island Archeology and Ethnohistory $30.

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